A Unique Way To Build Your Luxurious Dream Closet

A Unique Way To Build Your Luxurious Dream Closet

We all have “dream home” ideas that we wish we could attain… But many of us can’t move to a pricey McMansion. Or perhaps you love your current home and location, and don’t want the hassle of a move. But you dream about a bigger walk-in closet in your master bedroom, perhaps even a luxurious dressing room. You might be interested to know that you can actually accomplish this with a relatively simple renovation!

First, do you have a spare bedroom that shares a wall with your master bedroom or bathroom? Or maybe one that is located conveniently enough to use as a dressing room anyway? The simplest way to add storage space to your master suite is to simply create a doorway into an adjacent room.

Now, don’t worry about the windows. Windows in a closet might seem odd. But if you remove them, you will add significant cost to the renovation. Plus, you will change your home’s exterior, and the missing windows are likely to create an strange appearance. Instead, use an insulating shrink wrap on the windows to prevent dust and cobwebs. Then choose miniblinds or another window treatment option to maintain a uniform appearance from the outside. Now, consider a bench seat underneath a window, or consider the natural light from the window when placing a built-in vanity.

If the former bedroom had its own closet, remove the door. This could become a great place for a built-in vanity. Or, use the spot for recessed shelving.

As you choose locations and install closet rods along the walls, consider covering them with cabinet doors. This creates a cleaner look and makes the room more versatile in the event you want to add a desk to serve as a getaway office, or a sofa for escaping and relaxing.

Consider a closet island if the room is large enough, to add more storage space in the center of the room. If you choose one that includes wheels, it will be easy to move about the room as needed.

And finally, you might wish to wall up the original doorway, to keep your master closet more private. But that’s up to you! Some homeowners choose to leave the original entrance, making the room easier to convert back to a spare bedroom if needed later.

For more ideas on adding a luxurious master closet or dressing room to your home, give us a call. We can help you decide if this upgrade is right for your needs and budget.