5 Ways To Design A Modern Kitchen

5 Ways To Design A Modern Kitchen

Kitchens can be one of the most dated areas of a home. In fact, you can usually guess when a home was built, within a range of a few years, by looking at the original kitchen! Assuming you’re not into the 1985 aesthetic, you might be feeling completely fed up with an old kitchen. Here are five design tips for creating a more modern kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Upgrade your appliances. If you’re wanting a more modern kitchen, new technology will provide an instant upgrade. Allow a professional to guide you through the numerous options available for kitchen appliances today, such as…

  • “Smart” appliances
  • Climate control and customizable refrigerator compartments
  • Induction cooktops
  • Convection ovens
  • Countertop depth refrigerators (and yes, they still have tons of room inside)
  • LED lighting

You will enjoy your kitchen so much more with improved functioning of appliances! And if you’re not familiar with a technology, don’t be afraid to ask. A professional can demonstrate how things work.

Focus on clean lines. A modern kitchen is all about clean lines, and also adds universal appeal to a home. If you want to sell the house later, almost no on will balk at simple, clean lines, because they can always add more embellishments if they wish. It’s much harder to take away from a kitchen that is too fussy.

But soften up those lines. You don’t want everything to be too “square”. Soften up clean lines so that they don’t look overly harsh, by adding a few rounded or curved elements (such as pendant light fixtures or rounded edges on countertops).

Improve your lighting. Many older kitchens suffer from outdated lighting. Explore new lighting options with your design professional, such as spotlights, under cabinet lights, LED lights, and more.

Focus on neutral colors. Keep the focus on neutral colors, and balance them with metallic accents such as cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and a new sink. Mixed metals go well with the minimalist, modern kitchen trend too. Use your own design accents, such as rugs, dishes, towels, and so on to add pops of color. This way you can always switch out your color scheme when you desire a fresh new look!

Give us a call if you’re ready to revamp an old, tired kitchen. We can help you create a design that fits your budget and protects the resale value of your home for years to come.