5 Things You Should Know About Your Remodeling Contractor

5 Things You Should Know About Your Remodeling Contractor

Ask around about a remodeling contractor, and you’ll hear two types of stories:

  • “Use this guy! He’s my cousin’s best friend and he’s awesome”
  • “Don’t use this guy! I heard a horror story about him!”

Occasionally, misunderstandings happen. But in general, the reputation of a remodeling contractor is based upon the quality of his work and his business practices.

Having said that, those misunderstandings do occur, and it’s mostly because the general public doesn’t know these five truths about their remodeling contractor.

There are a lot of overhead costs. We understand that the initial estimate for your remodeling job can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. But in addition to materials and labor, that estimate covers costs such as liability insurance and the cost of providing a warranty on work. If a contractor seems on the cheap side, it might be because they don’t guarantee their work or they’re cutting corners dangerously.

Yes, we really do need a permit. It can be tempting to save a bit of money by skipping the permit application. But doing so can cost you more money in the long run. Avoid a remodeling contractor who promises you that he can get around the permit rules; he’s probably not doing things legally.

We work with certain trade contractors. Sometimes clients want to save money by shopping around for a cheaper trade contractor. But we tend to work with certain individuals for a reason! We know the quality of their work and can guarantee it. Plus, we can give a much better estimate on a timeline because we work together frequently.

We want you to be comfortable. No, we don’t expect you to move out of the home during most remodeling projects. But if the work is extensive, let’s discuss all of your options so that everyone is happy during this process.

No, we don’t think you’re too picky. Knowing what you want is a great thing! Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk about your vision. This helps us to fully understand what you want from your remodel, so that we can all avoid misunderstandings and get the job done the way you pictured it.